Soybean Extract

Short Description:

It was extracted from the germs of Soy(Glycine max.) annual herbs of genus leguminosae, with shallow yellow to off white powder, special smell and light taste. Active ingredients is soy isoflavones, Soy isoflavones is a kind of flavonoids, which is a kind of secondary metabolites formed in the growth of soybean. Soy isoflavones are also called phytoestrogens because they are extracted from plants and have similar structure to estrogen.Soy isoflavones are natural chemopreventive agents for cancer, which affect hormone secretion, metabolic biological activity, protein synthesis and growth factor activity.

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    Basic information:

    Product Name: Soybean Extract
    CAS NO.: 574-12-9
    Molecular formula: C15H10O2
    Molecular weight: 222.243
    Extraction solvent: Ethanol and water
    Country of Origin: China
    Irradiation: Non-irradiated
    Identification: TLC
    GMO: Non-GMO
    Carrier/Excipients: None




    Appearance Shallow Yellow powder Visual
    Odor & Taste Characteristic Visual & taste
    Particle size 100%Through 80 mesh USP<786>
    Bulk density 35-65g/100ml USP <616>
    Tapped density 55-95g/100ml USP <616>
    Loss on drying ≤5.0% GB 5009.3
    Sulphated ≤5.0% GB 5009.4
    Total Isoflavones ≥40.0% HPLC
    Daidzin HPLC
    Glycitin HPLC
    Genistin HPLC
    Daidzein HPLC
    Glycitein HPLC
    Genistein HPLC
    Heavy metals ≤10ppm GB 5009.74
    Arsenic (As) ≤1ppm GB 5009.11
    Lead (Pb) ≤3ppm GB 5009.12
    Cadmium (Cd) ≤1ppm GB 5009.15
    Mercury (Hg) ≤0.1ppm GB 5009.17
    Total plate count ≤1000cfu/g GB 4789.2
    Mould&Yeast ≤100cfu/g GB 4789.15
    E.Coli Negative GB 4789.38
    Salmonella Negative GB 4789.4
    Staphylococcus Negative GB 4789.10

    Certificates: HALAL, KOSHER, SC, NON-GMO

    Statements: Can be provided according to customer's need

    Function And Usage:

    Weak estrogen and anti-estrogen role help to relieve symptomas associated with menopause 

    Anti-oxidation,anti-aging, improve skin quality


    Prevent cardiovascular disease

    Available Specification:

    Soy Isoflavones 5%-80%

    Water-soluble Soy isoflavones 10%

    Aglycon Soy isoflavones 10%-80%

    Annual output: 5000KG/MONTH

    Advantages: Low pesticide residue, Low Solvents residue, Meet the standard of Plasticizer, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, Meet the standard of PAH4...And so on

    1. Environmental protection: There is no waste water discharged in the whole production, you can make contribution to environmental protection when you buy products

    2. Technology: Automatic continuous countercurrent extraction technology, high degree of automation in product production process.

    3. Social responsibility: Rational utilization of raw materials residue and social responsibility

    4. Effective: The whole production temperature of the product is no more than 60℃, and the biological activity of the product is effectively protected.

    We can make the products in accordance with your requirements.

    If you are interested in about it, please feel free to share with us your needs so that we can offer the best possible price for you.


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